3rd Floor Studios – Passaic

May 1st, marks the opening day of brand new art studios just one floor up in the 183 Monroe St. Passaic, NJ location. A collaboration with my brothers current ceramic studio this space creates a whole new feel.

The spaces are currently full but please check out the pictures and inquire about being placed on the waiting list.

Thank you!

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9 thoughts on “3rd Floor Studios – Passaic

    1. Hey Natalia, I have spaces available now if you are interested in renting a space. Let me know if you have any questions.
      2nd Floor Options:
      Available Now:
      1. 10’x12′ for $350 a month.
      2. 10’x12′ for $350 a month.
      3. 8’x16′ with a large 8’x8′ skylight for $425 a month.

      3rd Floor Options:
      Self controlled radiant heaters.
      Currently FULL
      Opening up October 1st:
      1. 10’x17′ for $475 a month.

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in getting a space. I am a textile artist/ fashion designer. When would you be available to show $350 space?



    1. Good morning Muge, yes of course! The $350 space is no longer available. I apologize the site is not up to date. I have another space that’s 8’x16’ with a large 8’x8’ skylight for $375 a month. Would you like to schedule a tour?


      1. Good Morning Suzanne,

        Thank you for your reply. Ok. I understand.
        Yes, I would like to see the space. Would you be
        available on Monday afternoon around 2 pm?



      2. I will be away for a week after Wednesday but I can come on Tuesday. My cell is 646-361-9643. What time is good for you on Tuesday? I can come after 2:00 pm.

    1. Hey Mimi, yes of course! I currently have one studio available for $575 with its own bathroom and another opening up for $525. Everything is included: wireless internet, all utilities, dumpster for garbage and there’s 24/7 access.

      What kind of work did you do?

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