Adel Khalaf

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NP Studios proudly welcomes Syrian artist Adel Khalaf to the Prospect Park, New Jersey studio. Adel studied fine art at the Adham Ismael Institute in Damascus and in 2004 he completed his BA in Fine art, majoring in visual communications from Damascus University in Syria. Adel currently works and lives in New Jersey. Please read his statement below and click on the link to view his full website.

Because as humans our frailty prevents us from revealing our weakness, sadness or pain, we hide behind humor, laughter and playfulness. Despite ourselves, we use this absurdity to confront tragedy.My portraits and ensemble sketches contain all the core elements of artificial playfulness yet they expose the veneer to reveal the pain beneath. My charcoal, pencil and acrylic artworks deliberately impose a dark, bleak vision directly contrasted by the incongruous humor in each piece.

My works exposes the unique masks of deception our characters wear innately, using subtle absurdities to hint at this subversion.

~Adel Khalaf


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