Amenities – All are Included

1- All Utilities: Heat, Water and Electricity

2- Wireless Internet

3- Dumpster for Garbage

4- Freight Elevator. (You can park right next to the elevator and load and unload from a private driveway.)

5- Able to Receive Deliveries

5- Private Parking Lot

6- 24/7 Access

7- Kitchen Area: Refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Pot, Soap+Sponges

*Although there is a table and chairs to sit, eat, and meet with clients we are not utilizing common spaces to commune during COVID. You can still use all of the other amenities in the kitchenette.

8- Bathrooms: Toilet paper and hand soap

9- Slop Sink Separate from Kitchen Area

10- Surveillance in Common Spaces and Outside the Building

3rd Floor + 2nd Floor Kitchenettes