Diana Jean Puglisi

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Diana Jean Puglisi received her BFA with a concentration in painting from William Paterson University in January 2011.  She contributed four years to strengthening the community within William Paterson University’s College of the Arts through the Student Art Association. After graduating, Diana continues to develop her paintings and drawings inspired by the patterns in the man-made and natural world that surrounds her.  Diana was accepted to Virginia Commonwealth’s 2011 Summer Studio Program taught by contemporary performance artist Nigel Rolfe.  The program continued to develop her ideas of painting through new media such as performance, photography and installation.

Artist Statement:

On a luminous day, leaves block light and create patterns that mask the sky.  Patterns are found in grass, created by the repetition of a blade, similar to how bark grows on trees, the way birds fly, how water ripples, the hives of a bee, the skin on an animal, and even the sediments in the depths of the ground.  Mechanically, pattern is present in machinery and the mass-production of objects.  Whether man-made or natural, patterns are embedded into our psyche.  Patterns can infinitely be interpreted, manipulated, and reinvented.

~Diana Jean Puglisi

For more information visit Diana’s full website at dianapuglisi.com

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