Adel Khalaf

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NP Studios proudly welcomes Syrian artist Adel Khalaf to the Prospect Park, New Jersey studio. Adel studied fine art at the Adham Ismael Institute in Damascus and in 2004 he completed his BA in Fine art, majoring in visual communications from Damascus University in Syria. Adel currently works and lives in New Jersey. Please read his statement below and click on the link to view his full website.

Because as humans our frailty prevents us from revealing our weakness, sadness or pain, we hide behind humor, laughter and playfulness. Despite ourselves, we use this absurdity to confront tragedy.My portraits and ensemble sketches contain all the core elements of artificial playfulness yet they expose the veneer to reveal the pain beneath. My charcoal, pencil and acrylic artworks deliberately impose a dark, bleak vision directly contrasted by the incongruous humor in each piece.

My works exposes the unique masks of deception our characters wear innately, using subtle absurdities to hint at this subversion.

~Adel Khalaf


Sintriny – By Stephanie Cintron

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Stephanie N Cintron is a self-taught fashion designer. She makes handmade clothing for her clothing line “Sintriny”. Her inspiration comes from pictures, music, pin-up girls, and fashion icon Betsey Johnson. Stephanie recently had her first fashion show at Mexicali Live, April 2013, which included over 30 pieces.

You can find some of her clothing at:
Twitter/Instagram/Vine: MiszSt3phC (Sintriny)

Mike J. Kerrigan

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Artist Statement

Everyone has a unique way of viewing and interpreting the world. How we view and interact with our surroundings set off a variety of different emotions. The simplest of actions and feelings can have profound effects on our perception of reality and our mind compiles this reality based on an inherited set of norms and standards. Photography can be a way of breaking from these standards.

I am inspired by the collision of the mundane and bizarre. Like reality, my work is a combination of elements that, while structured, possess the qualities of chance and chaos. By interweaving disparate actions and events, new sets of associations are created which may not exist otherwise. The images created from these collisions are meant to provoke visual exploration and lead the viewer to new insights.

My passion for music, fashion, and fine art is translated into the commercial work I undertake, which allows me to offer my clients rich images that display their own unique talents. Each project is developed with attention to fine detail fro the purpose of creating powerful and lasting images.

Michael J. Kerrigan

Website designed by Doug Von Werssowetz

Doug Von Werrsowetz

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This body of work explores the systems through which we alienate and deform nature to suit our interests.  In manifesting a visual form for the outcome of controlled manipulation and mutation, as well as the destructive patterns of consumption, greed, and ignorance, the paintings suggest that a saturation or breaking point is inevitable and the result will be an environment which can no longer support our obsessive tampering.

Paint My Pooch! Doug Von Werssowetz has teamed up with Mehdi Hashemi and is now offering creative pet portraits. For more information click on the pooch.

Joanne Hayes

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SVA graduate Joanne Hayes has a true knack for melding realism with a fairy tale fantasy world creating a dark and dreamy experience.

Artist Statement

My work is mix of hand made sculpted pieces in a variety of materials that create different textures and accents of beauty.  Puppetry and sculpture are rewarding mediums to work with, for the artist defines real form and volume that is capable of movement and life.  I use a mixture of Sculpeys, Paper clay, and natural clays over wire and foil armatures to produce original pieces. Often I make silicone molds to reproduce sculptures with liquid plastics and resin. I’ve worked with small to very large scale pieces, including puppets, and am available for commissions and alternative projects.  My educational background is in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  I also am available for painting and drawing commissions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Joanne Hayes