“When I started out, walking into these vast open spaces was both exciting and frightening. Slowly I built one wall at a time while slowly building the community one artist at a time. I could have never imagined the great reward of seeing the studio flourish into an amazing community filled with such great people. I am so grateful for the memories and special connections we have made and I’m looking forward to many more. Thank you to everyone who has supported NP Studios over the past 12 years!”

~Suzanne Russo (Owner + Manager, aka the person you call anytime for anything!)

Renting affordable work space to local artists, designers and freelancers in Passaic, New Jersey. NP Studios is artist owned and run. For the past 12 years my goal has been to create affordable, comfortable, clean and safe work spaces that act as a home away from home.

NP Studios is a vibrant growing community including photographers, graphic designers, architects, fashion designers, sculptors, painters, print makers, and more.

24/7 access, all utilities, wireless internet, private parking lots and large common areas with all the amenities.

Come be apart of a great creative community!


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