Jill Hellman – Video by Dana Goldstein

“When I come into this space, I feel free…” – Jill Hellman

About a month ago, portrait and lifestyle photographer Dana Goldstein reached out to me because she was interested in getting in touch with some of the artists at NP Studios. This is the first beautifully made video she created of an amazing artist, psychotherapist, writer, dancer and mother, Jill Hellman.

Dana captured something very natural and raw in such a beautiful light. Jill is a great example of how important it is to work hard and be a good example for the next generation. Along with proof that when life kicks you down and you choose to persevere, the reward can “spill out of you with a vengeance”.

This is also a personal reminder of how lucky I am to be able to provide a pleasant space for someone to comfortably express themselves.

Please enjoy!

For more information about Dana Goldstein you can visit her website here. https://www.danagoldsteinphoto.com/

For more information about Jill Hellman you can visit her website here. https://www.jillhellman.com/

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