Geometry – 9/20/19

Dear Friends,

I hope to see you later at Geometry, a group exhibition, at Site : Brooklyn Gallery juried by Phyllis Tuchman on view September 20 – October 19.

The opening reception is tonight, Friday September 20th from 6-9PM, come by!

Please find additional details for the exhibition below.

See you soon,

@ Site : Brooklyn Gallery
On view September 20 – October 19, 2019
Opening Reception: Friday, September 20th 6-9PM

Collapsed Square, 2019
Velvet, thread, seams and pins
42″ x 28″ x 8.5″
Founded by the ancient Greek mathematician Euclid, geometry is the area of mathematics concerned with the study of space and the relationships between points, lines, curves, and surfaces. In the arts it has often referred to the form and position of parts and shapes, as well as the relationship between those parts and shapes. The connection between are as deep as they are wide. Employing rulers and compasses, Islamic art utilized geometry to create elaborate tessellated expanses, while painters in the Renaissance used geometry to devise evermore realistic perspectives, finding vanishing points and lines of sight. Geometric forms may also be found among textile and folk art around the world. However, it was in the 20th century when geometry came to occupy such a prominent role in art history. Modern painting, from Piet Mondrian, to Bridget Riley and Charlene von Heyl, to name only a few, brought geometry and art into a world of its own. Contemporary artists, in Site:Brooklyn’s Geometry continue and elaborate in this long tradition, using geometric theory, naturally occurring patterns and forms, and other engagements between math and art to explore new syntheses between realism, figuration, abstraction, and pattern making. These works include painting, sculpture, drawing, multimedia, and video.

Yura Adams, Charlotte Binau, Paula Cahill, Roberta Caviglia, Dragana Crnjak, Patty deGrandpre, Eric Dever, Aaron Fein, Chuck Fischer, Scott Fisk, Robert Frankel, Donald Furst, Kate Garman, Jeffrey Gelick, Amanda Gentry, Monica Goldsmith, Gwen Gunter, Garry Harley, Susan Rowe Harrison, Andrew Ina, Julia Jueun Jo, Michael Jorgensen, Sam Jungkurth, Loretta Ana Kaufman, Susan Kiefer, Corinne Lapin-Cohen, Dale Lazar, Gail Lehman, SeungTack Lim, Rebecca Lomshek, Dagmar Maini, Marie McInerney, Katie Mongoven, Alx Orphant, Diana Puglisi, Brigitte Radecki, Ernest Regua, Will Rothfuss, Seth Rouser, Barbara Rubensohn, Deborah Salomon, Robert Seng, Scott Sherman, Mary Sloane, Kate Snow, Gregory Steel, Piet K Tsujimura, Louise Victor, Jane Walker

Site : Brooklyn Gallery
165 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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