Eileen Alcalde

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Joins the Passaic studio this month. We are looking forward to seeing her newest creations!

Artist Statement

Eileen Alcalde is a painter and teaching artist recently relocated from Brooklyn to New Jersey. Her work explores the complexity of social and political relationships and human behavior. Primarily working in oil and acrylic paint, Eileen uses bold colors and strong brush strokes to express her conflicted responses to these topics. As a first generation American of Latin heritage, Eileen uses art as a way to explore her own identity while simultaneously exploring the intersectionalities of culture, gender, and race. In addition, Eileen is inspired by her work with youth. She seeks to use her creative practice as a way to empower young people to find their voice through art and connect with their community. She is a strong believer that art and art education should be accessible to all.

~Eileen Alcalde

Contact: eileen.alcalde@gmail.com

Eileen Image

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