Black Hill Photography – Carlos Alva

“Born and raised in Paterson, NJ, Carlos Alva began his career in photography as a hobby in 2011. A passion to capture the missed moments that people failed to recognize as beauty. It also started small. In a living room with movable furniture as people came to his house to shoot. Eventually, taking the name of BlackHill Photography, Carlos pursued his passion wholeheartedly. He has been fortunate and blessed enough to have worked with models and actors of all different experience levels. He has managed to work with models represented by some of the top model agencies in the world. He also had the privilege of working with models who would appear on CW’s America’s Next Top Model as well as numerous TV and screen appearances. Now along with his wife, they have decided to open BlackHill Studios in Passaic, NJ where they cater to aspiring actors and models as well as industry veterans as they continue their journey in the entertainment industry.

~Carlos Alva


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