Julia Li

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Artist Statement

Life is beautiful. There are obstacles and situations presented in life are not always easy but the very essence of life, the living energy is beautiful. My art is a reflection of the energy in life. Creating and looking at art can provide a much-needed haven for reflection, inspiration, and a plethora of other emotions in an increasingly hectic world. I strive to make art that reflects an energetic allure that immediately seduces the viewer. Ultimately, I want my art to generate heightened feelings within the audience.

Movement and energy are key elements in the creation my work. I feel painting should be an experience and I want my viewers to feel the raw energy that goes into the process. Vivid colors and intended brushstrokes are in my pieces to help the viewer engage in the movement. My marks reflect motions made with my hand, as my body and mind work together in internal balance.

I create art in hopes of inducing emotions in others. I hope to capture the viewer and lure them to experience my vision. Because I believe passion can be rediscovered in this modern world through the arts, I want my pieces to ultimately inspire feeling and thought.

For more information visit Julia Li’s Full website.


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