Seth Ruggles Hiler

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Seth Ruggles Hiler creates and records connections to people and places through painting and drawing. The artist’s daily practices consist of translating the figure, objects and landscapes from life and digital photography to paper and canvas. The subjects are chosen from the people, places and things which surround him. Hiler received a BFA in painting from the Syracuse University in 2002 and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2005. Hiler maintains studios in Boonton and Passaic, NJ and is the Visual and Performing Arts Professor and Coordinator at Bard High School Early College in Newark, New Jersey.

Hiler has exhibited his works in various solo and group exhibitions in galleries and institutions throughout the North East and in Ontario, Canada including the Morris Museum in New Jersey, New York City’s Salmagundi Club and Syracuse University. In 2010, the Monmouth Museum of Art featured his work in the solo exhibition “NJ Emerging Artists Series: Seth Ruggles Hiler- Portraits.” The premier of “Ash Unravel,” a dance and drawing collaboration with dance/choreographer Michael Caldwell, was presented in Toronto in August of 2011 at the Dance Made in Canada Festival.

Seth Ruggles Hiler combines a drive for expression with the knowledge gained from formal training. The result is a classical sensibility with a contemporary understanding of color and composition. He strives to go beyond creating likeness or surface description by expressing a momentary relationship to the subject, informed by a collection of past experiences. Ultimately, the main goal of viewing the final work is to share that intimate exchange.

Seth Ruggles Hiler

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