Dawn Joseph Photography

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Born and raised in Botswana, Southern Africa, I fell in love with the idea of one day living in America. Although I had no idea photography was something one could pick as a career, I was certainly destined for it. As an avid reader, I escaped into Barbara Cartland’s romance novels delighting at the fantasy of love. I read Shakespeare, self help and cook books. I remember being so bold and ambitious. Curious about everything…

At 17, I moved to Washington DC. I studied ‘sensible’ courses graduating with a Bachelors in Business in 2005. It was very shortly after gradation that I picked up a camera, and have not looked back. I began my career in 2007 as a freelance photographer working for modeling agencies, shooting actors, musicians and models. My studio has been featured in CBS’s Inside Edition Television show and I have worked with some really amazing people in the music industry and some great nation brands. In 2010 I created a boutique Wedding Photography addition to my business. As a Wedding Photographer based out of New Jersey, I have found the most joy in my work. I cry’s at almost every wedding, and I’m obsessed with the details. I now work as a NJ Wedding Photographer, focusing on the tales I remember in the fluffy romance novels I was so addicted to as a young teen. I hope to live up to those stories in the work I now love to do.

Dawn Joseph


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