Rosalind Nzinga Nichol

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“I grew up watching my Grandmother recycle – everything! Nothing in our house was ever wasted. I think that left a big impression on me, because it is important that my work contain elements of re-purposed or recycled materials. I am particularly drawn to antique textiles, rescuing old lace and linens, is my way of paying homage to the countless artists like my mother and grandmother, who created hand work anonymously….”

I am a mixed media papermaker who began work as an illustrator. Relocating to Los Angeles, California shortly afterwards, I eventually developed an interest in mixed media art and papier-mâché sculptures, while working as a muralist and graphic designer. Inspired by a trip to Ghana, West Africa I gained a new appreciation for using my work to convey stories, and also fell in love with all the texture and pattern the women used in their dress. In 2000, I settled in New Jersey and began making paper as a mixed media art form.

Currently, my work is focused mixed media poured pulp compositions and structures. ..My intent is to leave room in my work for personal interpretation. Paper is organic, and the things that touch us don’t always have to be concrete or verbal.”

~Rosalind Nzinga Nichol

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