Mike J. Kerrigan

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Artist Statement

Everyone has a unique way of viewing and interpreting the world. How we view and interact with our surroundings set off a variety of different emotions. The simplest of actions and feelings can have profound effects on our perception of reality and our mind compiles this reality based on an inherited set of norms and standards. Photography can be a way of breaking from these standards.

I am inspired by the collision of the mundane and bizarre. Like reality, my work is a combination of elements that, while structured, possess the qualities of chance and chaos. By interweaving disparate actions and events, new sets of associations are created which may not exist otherwise. The images created from these collisions are meant to provoke visual exploration and lead the viewer to new insights.

My passion for music, fashion, and fine art is translated into the commercial work I undertake, which allows me to offer my clients rich images that display their own unique talents. Each project is developed with attention to fine detail fro the purpose of creating powerful and lasting images.

Michael J. Kerrigan

Website designed by Doug Von Werssowetz


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