Stella: Estelle Roupas

A few words from Stella,

For me, without my artistic endeavors, there is no self. I retired in 2008 as Human Resources professional and am now pursuing my passion for the  arts full time. In 1989, I began drawing pictures in color in my dreams and the next night I would spend hours finishing the picture I saw in my dream.  This continues till this day although my works are also images inspired from photographs and what I see and feel around me…With no formal training and accepting my  art as a gift, I worked under the  artist name “EJ”in the pastel medium on paper for 12 years, using my  fingers and hands.  I then changed to brushes and changed my art name to Stella. I use acrylics as my paint medium and the computer as an expressive medium for my art prints. I consider my work to be modern and abstract.  When I paint, I still though, use my fingers and hands in each painting to be one with the painting.Words are often a very meaningful part of my visual expressiveness as I have always journaled, expressed myself through poetry and writing children’s stories.My art offers me my own place for quieting the mind, where I can refocus and rest from the concerns of everyday living. I am not a risk taking personality but with my   artistic endeavors, I have no boundaries created by fear. The more still I am the more my gift emerges.

My art has been shown in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida and many of my original artwork are in homes of private collectors.  You can google to view my expressive art or email me at to chat or make an appointment to see original paintings  in my studio.

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