Suzanne Larisse Russo

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Artist Statement

The birth, the interior versus exterior, the miniature versus the gigantic, the domestic, and eventually closure: this body of work is a representation of time. Circling around itself from painting to photography to sculpture, it is an endless cycle of one mode of being to another, which mimics a deteriorating moment. The sculpture proposes an alternate reality or state of being by reflecting on contradictions and metaphors as they represent life without ever actually possessing it. By exposing the dismantled, grotesque, deteriorating body and re-presenting it, the exaggerated part comes to live its own, independent life. Long after it ceases to exist it continues to inform new ideas, feelings and creations.

Although an alteration of reality, paintings and photographic images are what we have in order to remember something that once existed. The miniature encapsulates the details of everyday life as we can hold a photograph in our hands and remember the past. The gigantic landscape does not move through us and therefore represents the expansive and temporal nature of life. Macro photography challenges the idea of scale and the effect it has on what we see and how we perceive it. Scale can make the ugly beautiful and can determine the value of another life.

Within the environments they inhabit, the paintings utilize the image of our bodies and the sculptures as a symbol of fragile and vulnerable life. By disputing the “box” and creating an organic or skewed edge a variety of new challenges and perspectives arise. The exterior comes to inform the interior, resulting in a push and pull between the two opposing sides. A sharp edge differentiates the form from the organic image and pushes into the realm of being man made. The organic edge, acts as a metaphor for the edges of the human body: the lips or eyelids. Therefore, they are the lining of the subject and come to represent reality or consciousness. As a result, these edges or cuts establish the individual piece and ultimately the self. My goal in leaving evidence of this evolutionary process is to question how we interpret birth and death and the transformations we encounter in between.

Suzanne Russo

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